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Programs We Offer

Youth Basketball Program

Under the Macon Progress Foundation platform, we offer youth basketball programming through Macon Progress Basketball, where we go beyond the game to shape tomorrow's leaders. We aim to use sports as a vehicle for teaching life skills and instilling invaluable lessons that extend far beyond the court. We offer skill development training and provide opportunities for both competitive youth teams and developmental teams for ages 6-18. Join us in this journey where every dribble, every pass, and every victory serves as a stepping stone towards personal growth and achievement.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Volunteer Opportunities initiative aims to equip young individuals with the skills and experiences necessary to become tomorrow's leaders. By partnering with different charity organizations around the city, we offer seasonal volunteer opportunities, providing our youth with meaningful experiences that foster personal growth, empathy, and social responsibility. As a driving force in the development of our children, we remain dedicated to making a positive difference in their lives, one partnership and volunteer opportunity at a time.

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